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We all had to start somewhere. No one was born a CISO, nor were they born with 25 years of experience with Cybersecurity.

What Is This Post?

We want to help you. We understand that finding a job is difficult. There are many challenges and it takes real strength and tenacity to keep going when you are rejected from an interview. We can help with a crucial part of finding a job in Cybersecurity, namely, the critical requirement of ‘having the necessary experience.’ Rather than list of a bunch of ‘must-do’s’ what we’ve done here is to list a bunch of interviews with Cybersecurity Experts in the field.

Why Are We Doing This?

Becase we feel your pain. And – we want to help you by sharing advice from Cybersecurity Professionals as they share how they got started in Information Security. Learn from their mistakes; learn from their advice. All you have to do is click on a Cybersecurity role that you are interested in and learn from the folk we’ve interviewed.
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The Interviews

28 Interviews: ‘General’ Cybersecurity Professionals | Read Interviews
3 Interviews: Cybersecurity Analyst | Read Interviews
4 Interviews: Cybersecurity Company Founders | Read Interviews
6 Interviews: Cybersecurity Engineers | Read Interviews
1 Interviews: CISO, CIO, CSO, CRO Roles | Read Interviews
8 Interviews: Digital Forensics | Read Interviews