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In this section we interview (and continue to do so) Cybersecurity Professionals to ask how they got started in the Industry.
Dr. Burzin P. Bharucha

Dr. Burzin P. Bharucha


With a passion for cyber security, information technology, people leadership and inspiring business excellence, I have always aligned business objectives and delivered impressive results. For over three decades, I have lived and breathed every technology, and throughout these years, I have established myself as a trusted cyber security and IT-GRC Advisor for my clients, customers and my employers for implementing secure technology solutions based on business needs. I offer a blend of technical expertise, business knowledge, and strategic acumen to forge unbreakable relation with my business partners and management team. Having worked in both private and public sectors – private banks, state-run local government bureaus, and publishing, I can boast of an all-rounder evangelist experience in information technology, security and IT governance. I have emerged as a consistent performer and gained a reputation for implementing strategic business-driven IT solutions through technology innovations. A constant and progressive business driver whose results are not only measured by numbers but also by the dedication and commitment offered by my team. I have successfully handled end-to-end project management of mission critical projects, led end-to-end customer service delivery solutions using ITIL methodology and corporate technology initiatives, and created technology roadmap for the magnified business outcome. In addition to my business and technical knowledge, I am a great people’s person who believes that an organization’s growth is related to its skill development. As an advocate for inculcating knowledge and learning, I have been instrumental in knowledge creation, managing organizational knowledge as a strategic asset, and increasing profitability through efficient knowledge sharing among peers and colleagues. Equally important, I am an excellent communicator and a multi-lingual professional with high proficiency in interacting with people from all walks of life.

How Did You Start Your Career In Cybersecurity?

I started my career as a Radio Officer and Barge Clerk, after became a Typist cum General Clerk. After a time became a junior programmer, and after that, I never looked back in my career escalations of becoming what I am today for which I am humbled to our Lord Almighty and all my peers, colleagues, my bosses, and all my mentors.

What Was Your Career Progression To Becoming A CISO?

It was a rollercoaster ride, with lot of hurdles. However, if you are knowledgeable and have humility and humbleness in your stride, all difficulties which come, it comes with the insightful experience of several ways to resolve and move on. Thereby making your inner resilience stronger, better and excellent in developing your core skills of being a people’s person and a good multi-talented team manager, as without them we are nobody.

What’s The Number #1 Bit Of Advice You Could Give To Someone Just Starting Their Career In Cybersecurity?

Go with the flow, as nothing comes and lands into your hands. You need to put your best foot always forward and believe in yourself, by putting “trust in your core talents, following of your passions sincerely with focus and commitment, and silencing all your fears and facing all roadblocks head-on in resolving them.”

Lastly, How Important Is It To Get Certified And Which Certs Do You Recommend?

Yes it is indeed important to certify as it authenticates your capabilities that you are that person. Labels/Certifications can be only useful if one does it all by himself, by rolling up your sleeves and using of your own hands (Eventually you may fail, but in time you will be a subject matter expert (SME). After all, champions are not born, they are created by the circumstances they are put into. Learn from our mistakes, change, adapt and move on to make your life happy and joyful in whatever you do.

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